Extraordinary, Together.

Not all food service companies are cut from the same cloth. Summer Camp Cooks distinguishes itself by rising above Camp Food Service challenges in the following ways:

Our culinary heroes work together with the shared focus to provide knowledgeable, friendly service and meet expectations on a daily basis. TEAMWORK is what gets the job done. Our culture is friendly, hard-working, assertive, supportive and dedicated.

Our COMMITMENT TO EMPLOYEES is second to none in our industry. We don’t just talk about treating people right– we do it everyday, with significant investments in learning and development for our people at all levels. Our reputation for great place to work attracts the top professionals in our areas and we aim to keep them.

Integral to our commitment and approach to food service is our strong FOCUS ON UNDERSTANDING YOUR CAMP. We understand that the services and advice we provide is crucial to our clients’ overall camp season. We hold ourselves to a high standards geared towards results to help you meet your objectives and keep staff and campers excited about the food.

With over a decade in the Foodservice industry, SCC delivers a level of expertise that is based on experience, formal training and efficient management. Our in-depth KNOWLEDGE of menu planning and development, procurement, staffing and training gives us the competitive edge when it comes to food service success.

With 10+ years experience in Camp Food Service Management, we provide clients with a dedicated Food Service Manager whose focus is on utilizing time tested tools and strategies to manage an optimized for success custom FOOD SERVICE PLAN.

With VALUES BUILT ON RELATIONSHIPS since inception, our experience is shaped by our time spent in Summer Camp kitchens and catering experience. We know how much food can make a difference in the camp experience, and we know have built a universal foundation that aims to deliver an exceptional camp food service experience.

We provide UNMATCHED VALUE to our clients through the proper procedures, methods of operation, development and training. Partnerships with GPO's with buying power also allows us to get the best prices for products. Most importantly, we are extremely conscious of your budget, working closely with you to determine the best approach for your organization.

No short-cuts, no compromises – we place a premium on INTEGRITY. The highest ethical standards have always been a cornerstone of our partnerships and a culture among our employees. SCC is dedicated to cultivating long term, authentic and honest business relationships destined to last years.

Food Service impacts the overall camp experience in a big way, and we have set our sights on elevating the standards of Summer Camp Food Service.