At the heart of our service at Summer Camp Cooks are THREE ESSENTIAL PILLARS that ensure every meal we provide at Summer Camp is a success:

Food is On Time, there is Enough of It, and it Tastes Good.

We understand the importance of meals arriving on time to keep camp schedules running smoothly, the necessity of providing ample food to satisfy every camper's hunger, and the joy that comes from deliciously prepared meals. These pillars guide our commitment to our camp partners, ensuring every camp experience is memorable, enjoyable, and leaves everyone eagerly anticipating their next meal.
Learn about how how we handle Special Diets too!

Experience the Difference with Summer Camp Cooks: Ready to elevate your camp's mealtime experience? Click below and fill out our simple form to get started. Let's bring punctuality, abundance, and exceptional taste to your dining hall, ensuring every meal is a highlight of the day. Contact us now to learn more about our services and how we can customize our offerings to fit your camp's unique needs.

Food Service impacts the overall camp experience in a big way, and we have set our sights on elevating the standards of Summer Camp Food Service.


We believe in serving meals that are enjoyable, well-balanced,  and nutritious. As a result, we want to eliminate as many processed meals as possible. This begins with including fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy fats like canola and olive oil in our meal preparation. We feel that diversity is important, so we rotate our menus so that there is always something new and exciting to look forward to. We take pride in our fresh approach to making your Food Service memorable!


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