With over 10 years experience running Summer Camp Food Service cooking for between 100 and 900 campers and staff, we understand what it takes to run a successful Food Service operation. Impacting the overall camp experience in a big way, we have set our sights on redefining the standards of Summer Camp Food Service.


We understand how to properly staff, train, plan and execute a successful Food Service Program at Summer Camp and we take pride in doing so. We have the expertise and experience to offer a turn-key service that you can build on for years to come.

We are able to manage your entire Camp Food Service operation, allowing for you to spend time doing what you do best!



Our Speed Scratch Cooking approach eliminates heat and serve meals and infuses the food with character and flavor improving the overall experience.

It is important that the dining hall is filled with positive experiences with food, allowing campers to grow and staff to enjoy the food served at Summer Camp. By allowing campers to enjoy their favorite dishes and camp traditions, camp has the propensity to allow them to also experience new foods along the way. Allowing for a variety of choices including breakfast bars, fresh fruit, salad bars, and special diets options, campers and staff feel comforted in knowing that good food awaits them in the dining hall.

Behind the scenes, we pull the strings to keep the kitchen flowing in synchronicity. Keeping a happy kitchen that is well planned and executed makes all the difference. We understand what it takes to plan and execute Food Service at Summer Camp along with the nuances of programmatic changes and the necessity to be flexible. That is why you can count on us as a partner that works along side you to ensure that the Food Service is not a thorn in your side.


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